Peter Collins

Spacecraft Operations Manager
European Space Agency

Peter’s career began in 2003 working as a S/C payload and instrument engineer for the EPS programme at EUMETSAT (Darmstadt, Germany), preparing operations for the MetOp-A spacecraft. After the launch in 2006 and a year of in-flight operations experience, he moved to the ESA ESTEC site (Noordwijk, The Netherlands) to join the Herschel-Planck Project team and assist in management and execution of the S/C LEOP and commissioning activities.

Following successful completion, he then moved to ESOC (Darmstadt, Germany) in 2009 to become part of the S/C engineering team for the Gaia mission, preparing ground and space operations. After Gaia’s launch in 2013, and several months of intense commissioning activities, Peter then moved to work on the Galileo project as a LEOP S/C Operations Manager. He was part of the operations team performing three LEOPs (and six S/C) in 2015 as part of the programme to build-up the Galileo fleet ready for use by the European community.

In 2016 Peter returned to the Gaia operations team where until last year he was performing S/C system engineering activities, along with participation in a wide number of other ESA related working groups, studies and projects aiming to sustain, standardise, expand, innovate, and improve efficiency of ESA operations into the future. In December 2020 Peter moved into the position of Gaia Spacecraft Operations Manager, where he now guides the flight control team to execute Gaia operations during the extended mission phase.

His career thus far has been operations focused, including seven LEOPs with eleven S/C, and many years of preparation, commissioning, and routine operations experience in a variety of roles.

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