Sabrina Eberle

Project Manager

Sabrina Eberle was born in Alexandria, VA, USA. She received her masters degree in electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

In 2004 she joined DLR, the German Aerospace Center where she worked at the German Space Operations Center (GSOC) in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich. She started as an Orbit Control Subsystem Engineer for several LEO satellite missions, she was then the Flight Director for several LEOPs and became the Project Manager for an Earth Observation satellite mission. In 2015 she became the Project Manager for a German geostationary satellite mission and today she leads the team “Geostationary Satellite Missions”.

She is also a lecturer at the Carl-Cranz-Gesellschaft (CCG) for “Satellite Communications” and contributes to the “Spacecraft Operations Course” at GSOC. She has made several contributions to the fields of satellite communications and mission operations including many technical publications, books and her own book titled “Satellite Communications”.

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