Juha-Pekka Luntama

Head of Space Weather Office
Space Safety Programme


Juha-Pekka (“Jussi”) Luntama is the Head of the Space Weather Office in ESA’s Space Safety Programme. He graduated from Helsinki University of Technology in 1991 and continued working in the University as a lecturer and leader of the small satellite technology research group until 1997, when he was awarded a EUMETSAT Research Fellow position in the UK Meteorological Office. In 1998 Jussi Luntama was appointed as the Mission Scientist for the GRAS radio occultation instrument onboard the Metop meteorological satellite series in EUMETSAT HQ in Germany. In 2005 he moved from EUMETSAT to Finnish Meteorological Institute to lead the research on space weather impacts on GNSS applications. Jussi Luntama joined ESA in 2009 when he was selected as the manager of the Space Weather Segment in ESA’s new Space Situational Awareness Programme, the predecessor of the Space Safety Programme that is in progress now.

Space Weather Office is responsible for all space weather related activities in ESA Directorate of Operations. The responsibilities of Space Weather Office include definition, architecture design and implementation of the ESA Space Weather System and delivery of the corresponding services. Space Weather Office is also responsible for development of software applications, ground systems, hosted payload instruments and dedicated SmallSat and nanosatellite missions for the ESA Space Weather System. The Space Weather Office is also responsible for liaising with international entities and representing ESA in international forums on space weather related topics. Mr. Luntama is also the Mission Scientist and Mission Manager for the Lagrange mission that is in preparation to provide unprecedented space weather monitoring data for operational applications from the 5th Lagrangian point, L5.

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