Arnulf A. Kjeldsen

Executive Vice President at Kongsberg Satellite Services

Arnulf Kjeldsen is the Executive Vice President Strategy & Technology of Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT). In this position Arnulf oversees the business development and technology development at KSAT. KSAT is a world-leading provider of ground station services for satellites and maritime surveillance based on satellite data. With over 50 years of experience, KSAT’s network today spans over 200 antennas at 25 ground station locations across the globe supporting space to ground communication and satellite information services.

Arnulf began his career at Kongsberg Spacetec, a company within the Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace division. During this period, Arnulf coordinated the development work on ground station capture and control systems as well as processing chains for remote sensing data.

At the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in northern Italy, Arnulf was leading multiple projects within the Centre for Earth Observation, focusing on development of systems and services enabling interoperability and access to satellite data and derived products.

After returning from Italy Arnulf joined KSAT and became Chief Operating Officer and the overall responsible for the KSAT Satellite Operations business line. That involved all activities related to the development, operations, and sales of ground stations services to a wide range of satellite owners and operators.

Arnulf is an avid skier and enjoys travelling and meeting new people in space industry. Arnulf lives in Tromsø, Norway.

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