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ince the inception of SpaceOps in 1990, the organization has hosted fifteen biennial conferences in various countries around the world. In 2020, the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) was supposed to host SpaceOps 2020 in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a decision was taken to postpone the conference.

The pandemic may have paused the physical hosting of the SpaceOps2020 conference from taking place, but this has not prevented us from exploring alternative formats of presenting the SpaceOps conference. SpaceOps 2020 has thus transformed to SpaceOps2021 – Virtual Edition and will be hosted online.

SpaceOps 2021 Virtual Edition will provide an opportunity for more industry players and delegates to participate in the conference and appreciate the diverse and interesting topics from the comfort of their homes and/or office spaces, without having to travel abroad.

Even though the conference will be an online event, the organizing committee is still committed to giving you an unforgettable African experience.

SpaceOps 2020 in Ca;pe Town

SpaceOps Organization (spaceops.org)


he International Committee on Technical Interchange for Space Mission Operations and Ground Data Systems (also referred to as the SpaceOps Organization) was formed in the realization that given the large number of people involved in space mission operations, an organized community or technical forum is needed. Since mission operations have become an increasingly large segment of space agency budgets, there is great interest in improving the capabilities and cost efficiencies of mission operations. It was in the spirit of providing the broadest possible managerial and technical interchange between space agencies, academia, and industry that SpaceOps was established. As the premier organization serving the space operations community, SpaceOps encompasses the following areas:

  • Operations-enabling technology in ground and flight systems
  • Operations management
  • Mission planning
  • Mission management
  • Cross support and interoperability
  • Launch operations
  • Spaceflight operations
SpaceOps 2020 in Ca;pe Town

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