Additional information

Participation to this conference

  • To be allowed to present at any session, you have to submit in advance an abstract that complies with the requirements for abstracts, as documented in the Abstract Submission FAQ that is supplied on the IAF web sites where you will be redirected to submit your abstract.
  • All conference presenters in all types of sessions are required to submit manuscripts that comply with the standard requirements for professional conferences, as documented in the “lnstructions to Authors” that will be supplied to accepted authors.
  • If the presenter does not appear in person to present at the scheduled session, the paper will not be published in the (electronic) proceedings. Videotaped presentations will not be allowed.
  • If the author’s organization/agency/nation requires export approval of the material for this international conference, the author must follow that process, and must do it on a schedule that allows to meet the conference deadlines.
  • All authors are required to register for the conference in the same fashion as all other attendees.
    For all manuscripts submitted, and for all presentations in the oral/poster/electronic presentation/open access sessions, we will not accept overt marketing material or “sales pitches.” These forums and products are for the exchange of technical information, not for marketing. The information must impart some benefit to the space operations community independent of any product or service that may be incidentally mentioned in the presentation materials. Nevertheless, oral presentations and electronic presentations are allowed to include software demonstrations as a way to better present such benefits.